Sunday, December 31, 2006


So Steven Gerrard has been given an MBE, this honour has been overdue and is richly deserved for one of the greatest of all sporting achievements.
This honour has been bestowed on our captain because he was involved in and was the main catalyst for one of the greatest comebacks in not just football but in all sporting history. He has been given this as recognition for not just what he did but what the whole team did that night.
On a clear Istanbul night he stood tall and lead his battle weary team out onto that the pitch for the second half, his team had just gone through a footballing lesson from AC Milan in the first half and found themselves 3-0 down at the break.
Most men would just give up at that stage but not Stevie Gerrard, he lead his team like all great leaders do, by example. He tackled he drove forward he rallied his men around him. And he got his just rewards by staging one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history and every sporting fan ( except ac milan and a few bitter jealous manyoo fans) that night witnessed a once in a lifetime sporting event that had everybody on the edge of their seats. Everybody loves the underdog and the great comeback and i wonder how many millions of people Liverpool fans and neutrals cheered and danced in front of their tv sets that wonderful night when Jerzy Dudek saved the penalty that rounded off the perfect fairytale sporting contest.
Now im sure there is going to be some be moaners out there (you know who you are ye little red devils) but surly Steven Gerrard exemplified the British Bulldog mentality that night,the never say never mentality. Some people may say other players at other clubs deserve recognition for what they have achieved but i think most already have, Sir Alex Ferguson for his and his clubs achievements and Sir Clive Woodward for winning the world cup, and im pretty sure people did not expect each player in the rugby squad to be knighted.
We at Liverpool could say why was Stevie only given an MBE and not Knighted but perhaps we are a little more gracious than some people(ye know who ye are).
So in short an MBE is great but we are just happy that so many people were able to witness a historical sporting contest. Thank you Stevie Gerrard, for one night the whole country united to wish Liverpool on and stage the comeback(except for a few, ye know who ye are).
Richly Deserved...

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